Andrea Battaglia photography

Italian Freelance Photographer based in Paris


I believe that photography is a figurative tool that can be able to stand out
only through a long and patient research that aims to reinterpret and decode shapes, lights and volumes until reaching a original, innovative and creative interpretation of reality.
I use the scenes and characters that I see every day, to search for the deep meaning that can be highlighted in an image; the lights of the day, the artificial ones and the glows of the night to highlight the space and volumes and to bring out every chromatic nuance.
In the landscapes that I photograph in my travels I try to read and understand different and complex realities from those I know and it fascinates me the story that manages to describe and tell the continuous evolution and transformation of our habitat.
In the history of art, in the great photographers and in the cinematographic culture I find the great masters capable of still infusing us with inspiration and stimuli to see and understand every day the thousand aspects and the thousand faces of reality.

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